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Technology combined with processes to deliver facilities to our customers

The New Consumer

The world has changed. With the advent of the internet and the democratization of smartphones, the new consumer is always connected. As a result, people have more power in their choices, being able to compare solutions and access multiple options to meet their needs.

With that in mind, 2W Energia has created solutions to empower its customers, offering tools to manage their energy consumption and facilitate the day to day with the company.

O novo consumidor
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2W Labs
2W Labs

2W Labs develops new products and digital solutions to compose the 2W Energy portfolio, using technology and acting on the entire journey of digitizing the customer experience, with a multidisciplinary team of engineers and software developers, product designers and user experience.

Development of 2W Energy's digital transformation strategy

Squads focused on the creation and development of digital products and solutions

Group formed by engineers, designers and developers, enabling innovation projects for all sales channels

Integration of internal systems and process automation. (BackOffice Zero)

Development and update of scalable architecture and technology

Testing new technologies and creating a pipeline for future pilot projects/investments

Training and qualification for new Squads

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2W Ventures

2W Ventures has as its main objective the creation of new growth levers for 2W Energy, seeking, from the connection with the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem and from the development of partnerships with startups and large companies, to offer new products, services and business models to our customers, helping to reinvent society’s relationship with energy.

2W Ventures
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Our solutions

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The first process of Migration to the Free Energy Market done 100% digitally.

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With an original interface, we developed an exclusive portal for 2W autonomous agents.

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With an intelligent measurement system, our customers are able to track their energy consumption through our customers can track their energy consumption through our interactive dashboard.