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What is?

The International REC Standard (I-REC) is a global system that enables the certification of renewable energy.

How it works?

The consumer is based on the amount of energy that is used. Each REC represents a unit of renewable energy generation (1 REC = 1MWh).
Totum Institute is the representative of the I-REC Standard in Brazil, being responsible for registering, supervising and auditing renewable energy generators, and issuing I-RECs to authorized ones.

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O que você ganha com isso?

What do you get with it?

When a company carries 1 I-REC, it confirms that its consumption comes from renewable energy. With a low cost, it is possible to generate a high tangible and intangible value for the company's image, strengthening the companies' sustainability and ESG proposal.

How do RECs work?

All energy produced in the country is injected into the National Interconnected System (SIN) and passes through a transmission network to the place where it will be consumed.

When receiving power from the local grid it is impossible to physically trace its source. However, it is possible to purchase I-RECs in the same amount of energy consumed, proving that the energy used by the company comes from renewable sources.

This process undergoes a verification carried out by an external partner, qualified to establish this guarantee. Then talk to one of our experts and get the I-REC certificate right now!

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Talk to one of our experts and get the I-REC certificate right now!


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