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A new way
consume energy

Created in 1995, the Free Energy Market or ACL (Free Contracting Environment), is a type of energy purchase where the consumer has the freedom to choose his supplier and energy source.

Just as it is for telephone operators, Free Market consumers are free to choose their supplier, negotiating the amount of energy appropriate to their consumption profile, the period of supply, price, among other benefits.

Up to
30% reduction in your
electricity bill

Freedom to
choose your
energy provider

Possibility to choose
renewable sources

What is the difference between the
Free Market (ACL)
and the Captive Market (ACR)?

Captive consumers are those who buy energy from distribution companies in the region where they are located. In this case, there is only one energy bill paid per month, including the distribution service, energy generation, and fees regulated by the Government.

Free consumers buy energy directly from generators or traders, with the freedom to negotiate conditions such as price, term, volume, among others. In this case, each consumer pays an invoice for the distribution service to the local concessionaire (regulated fees) and one or more invoices for the purchase of energy (negotiated contract price).

Who can already migrate?

Special consumer

Companies that consume an energy load of 500 KW or more (around R$ 40,000.00 per month). Being able to contract only incentivized energy (small hydroelectric plants, biomass, wind and solar).

Free consumer

Companies with a minimum contracted demand of 2,000 KW. Being able to hire both incentivized and conventional energy (thermal gas plants or large hydroelectric plants)

Segments that are already migrating






Number of consumer
agents in
the market

Do you want to migrate your company to the Free Energy Market and take advantage of discounts of up to 30% on your electricity bill?

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