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Free Energy Market

Economically strengthen your business, with sustainability!

Mercado livre de energia

Did you know that simply changing the energy source of your business can make it grow more and more and be even more respected by customers, employees and other companies?
Through the Free Energy Market, 2W helps your company by supplying clean and decarbonized energy, in a simplified and efficient way. In this model, it is possible to have cost reduction, budget predictability, and more technology.
With this, besides consolidating the sustainable positioning of your business, you also leverage competitive advantages and receive certifications such as the Green Seal and the I-REC.

Differences between captive market and free energy market

Captive Energy Market

In this model, the consumer has no power to negotiate his electricity and has his contract linked exclusively with the local distributor.

Free Energy Market

In the Free Energy Market, the customer can negotiate their conditions (price, term, volume of energy) directly with the supplier, or through a specialist company that represents them, such as 2W Energia.

Benefícios do Mercado Livre de energia elétrica

Benefits of the Free Energy Market

The Free Energy Market proves to be an extremely effective option for your company, as it allows you to reduce your energy bill, as well as negotiating the amount and duration of the contract. With this, your business gains decision-making power linked to quality, since you can choose your supplier and consume clean and renewable energy.

Main benefits for consumers of the Free Energy Market:


Savings on electricity costs.


Possibility to choose your supplier and negotiate prices, contract terms, type of energy and quantity.


Establish in advance how much you will spend on energy during the period.


Choose from renewable sources, which contribute to the environment and reduce your carbon footprint.


Have a smart meter installed and access, in real time, all your energy consumption in a digitalized report.

How do I migrate to the Free Energy Market?

Migration to the Free Energy Market requires the consumer to comply with certain criteria: the company must have a 500KW minimum consumption and be connected to high voltage.





Between 500 kW
and 1.500 kW




Can only choose incentivized sources, for example, solar and wind


Equal or greater
than 1.500 kW




Can choose energy from any generation source

E se eu não atingir o consumo mínimo, não posso migrar?


Consumer units can combine their loads to reach the 500 kW demand level required to become a special consumer of the free energy market.

Communion can be


Consumer units in neighboring areas (no separation by public roads)


Consumer units with the same CNPJ root

How does the migration process work?

Feasibility analysis

To find out if you are a consumer who can have access to the free energy market, just do a feasibility analysis. Send your energy bill to 2W Energia and we'll do this free analysis for you!

Inform the Distributor

After review, if you are a viable consumer for that model. After hiring the partner company that will assist you in this process, it is time to inform your distributor that you will make this change. You must send a Letter of Complaint and certain documents at least 6 months before the end of your current contract with the concessionaire company. It is even possible to do this step before the stipulated deadline, but a fine will be charged!

Adhesion to CCEE

The third step is to enter the Electric Energy Commercialization Chamber (CCEE). Here, it is a more bureaucratic part, you will need to deliver some documents and open an account at Bradesco Bank where all free market transactions are carried out. Remembering that 2W Energy helps you throughout all this process!

Point registration

In this last phase, the point is registered in the Energy Data Collection System (SCDE), in other words, a new system of intelligent telemetry of your energy consumption. Here, CCEE already sees its measurement point as a free agent, what means that you are in the Free Energy Market!