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Can you imagine visualizing all your energy consumption? So follow here in real time. With smart telemetry, you manage your energy in real time, in the palm of your hand, with a dynamic and 100% digital dashboard.

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Cutting-edge technology

Real time data

Monitoring and forecasting of energy consumption

Energy bill management

Identify possible inconsistencies and deviations

Energy efficiency projects

Potential savings

How is the process?


You order this solution for your company.

Energy Meter

2W Energia sends you the smart meter with installation instructions.

Access to the online platform

Done. Now, just access the 2W measurement platform to follow the data in real time.


Get access to all benefits.

Como usar

How to use?

Track the consumption of each device in your company.

Project your consumption and have budget predictability.

Receive alerts and notifications about inconsistencies in your consumption.

Compare consumption of different bills and periods.

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