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2W and YOU

2W and YOU

Be a 2W consultant and achieve great success in your business

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2W has the largest network of 100% sustainable energy consultants in Brazil!

And you can also be part of this revolution by being a 2W energy consultant and seeking small and medium-sized companies to migrate to the free energy market.

Come be part of 2W and You!

Become a consultant!

What are the advantages of being a 2W consultant?


Independence to organize your career and prospecting moments.

Aggressive bonus

Bonus for each signed contract with cash payment.


Support from the 2W team throughout your journey.

Qualification and training

Training on 2W solutions and the free energy market, workshops and sales mentorships.

Doubts? Send an email to: suporte@2wevc.com.br

Become a consultant!

Be part of the fastest growing market in Brazil

Your journey into 2W and YOU

Understand how to become a 2W consultant.

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Register using the form on the website or click here

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Participate in training and mentoring to become an energy consultant

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Start of your successful career. You will have 2W's support at all times to boost your sales!

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Do you have any questions?
Check out our FAQ below or contact us!

How do I register myself as a 2W Energia consultant?


Fill out the form on this site and attach the documents below:

Natural person: CNH or RG, Address Proof, Holder's Bank Data

Legal person: CNPJ Card, Articles of Incorporation, RG or CNH, Bank Data (account must be owned by the legal person) *CNAES accepted by 2W: 8211-3/00, 8219-9/99, 7020-4/00 ,7490-1/04 ,7490-1/99, 7319-0/02

Can I start as a natural person and then migrate to a legal person?


Yes, it is possible. After the adequacy of the CNPJ with the accepted CNAES, we make a contractual amendment.

Does 2W offer training?


We provide training on 2W's solutions and sales mentoring to train energy specialists, free of charge.

How is the bonus payment made?


The values are calculated according to the signed contract and the payment is made in cash.

Who are the potential customers?


Commerce, industries, condominiums, and companies in medium or high voltage group A.

Is there a limited region of operation for the consultant?


The consultant can work all over the national territory.

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Want to be a 2W energy consultant?
Register in the form below

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    Para finalizar seu cadastro, por favor anexe os documentos a seguir e preencha com a suas informações

    CNH ou RG

    Comprovante de Endereço

    Para finalizar seu cadastro, por favor anexe os documentos a seguir e preencha com as informações da sua empresa

    Cartão CNPJ

    Contrato Social

    CNH ou RG

    Você tem um código de indicação?

    Exemplo: XXX_XX

    Nome do Líder:

    O código de indicação informado é inválido.

    Information sent successfully.

    Soon we will send you an email with the guidelines for you to become a 2W energy consultant.

    If you still have questions, please contact our team via email. suporte@2wevc.com.br